Why Should I Choose Cosma?

cilindiri oleodinamici cosma

COSMA GROUP has reached high-competition levels thanks to its 30-year experience in designing and making hydraulic cylinders and because of a strengthened cooperation with its suppliers – who assure trustworthiness in supplying high-quality products – and its never-ending search for innovation.

It is testified by our customers’ satisfaction. They have been loyal for years and their number is growing and growing, thus strengthening our position on both the national and the foreign market.

Our products are made with high-quality materials: from mechanical processing to assembly, the whole production cycle is characterised by the highest care for details.



We aim at being the favourite partner for any customer, thanks to qualitative excellence and the reliability of our products, design and prototyping services.


A search for qualitative excellence in carrying out our customised products and services, with the objective of creating quality for our customers and contributing to their products’ improvement in every field of application.


The median age is 40. A young, dynamic, qualified and motivated team assures a winning leadership. 


People as an essential value, respect for the environment, transparency, honesty, flexibility, propensity towards listening, availability.

Environment & Surronding Area

cosma group per l'ambiente ed il territorio


COSMA GROUP believes that every firm has to pay the highest attention to environment development and sustainability of the area where it works. We have therefore embraced the new industrial era’s principles, by setting an ethical and respectful behaviour both towards our workforce – the real company’s engine – and towards the surrounding area, hosting us without asking anything in return.

Our employment plan gives priority to the search for qualified and skilled staff who mostly come from our territory.

We have implemented an internal code of conduct which takes into consideration an accurate and responsible industrial waste disposal. Besides, thanks to our investment in the photovoltaic plant made in 2012, today we manage to cover about the 50% of our daily energy demand.  

We always have the highest consideration for the development of new ideas in order to make our environmental impact more and more sustainable and to make COSMA GROUP’s presence within the surrounding areas more harmonious