Fields of application of the cylinders

COSMA GROUP’s products are made following our customers’ technical specifications and using certified, high-quality materials exclusively supplied by national and European companies. Starting from the design development and always taking our customers’ needs into consideration, the product is made within the company by modern, up-to-date machinery equipped with C.N.C. During acceptance, all incoming products’ quality is checked, both in terms of functioning and of materials’ compliance.

As specified by our technical office, processing is carried out using up-to-date machinery and with the highest precision. Our skilled and experienced staff grant high levels of professionalism, thus allowing COSMA GROUP to make reliable and long-lasting cylinders.

During the various processing stages we carry out checks using certified instruments and specifically-made equipment, thus assuring the utmost care and cleanliness as we schedule a washing cycle before and after every welding process. In this way we eliminate any impurity coming from fumes. Eventually, during assembling all cylinders undergo a testing cycle to check seal and marking which allows COSMA GROUP to track every product.

In all fields of application COSMA GROUP succeeds in guaranteeing the same performances thanks to its internal organisation and to qualified suppliers, who have been chosen over time.